color wheel inspiration

Here’s a great article on color theory and the color wheel…

“Color plays a major role in any brand’s visual identity. It can set the mood, attract attention and even spark emotions – in some cases, it can even cause physical reactions to both body and mind, so it’s important to get right. Whether designing something for yourself or a client, your choice of hue for logos, campaigns, websites or advertisements will massively determine how the brand is perceived by the public.

With this in mind, you’ll want to ensure you choose the right color palette to win over the target customer. That’s where color theory helpfully steps in. It’s the very study of color, and a science in itself. So before you start to consider color choices, read our Essential Color Guide for Designers: Understanding Color Theory, so you can gain a better understanding behind the meaning of color.

We will now explore the basics of colour theory that you’ll need to get your head around – the colour wheel, colour harmony and the context in which colours are used. We’ll also give you some tips on colour schemes. Then we’ll take a deeper look at individual colours and how they’re perceived”…READ MORE HERE